On-Demand Webinar: Technology in the financial sector: Rising above the competition

Richard Harpur

The financial services industry is facing disruption. Startups are able to deliver faster and cheaper, while big institutions struggle with regulation, compliance and legacy systems. 

But established financial firms can move fast. 

Join technology expert, former CIO and Pluralsight author Richard Harpur in this live webinar event as he explores the top strategies of financial services disruptors. You’ll discover:

- Techniques to keep your organization agile and competitive

- Key strategies you must adopt to ensure your established firm thrives

- How to unlock hidden strengths in your org by reinventing your tech strategy

This webinar will include a Q&A with the expert in addition to these key insights. Don’t miss out—register today!

Richard Harpur

Richard is a highly experienced technology leader with a remarkable career ranging from software development, project management through to... See more

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