Moving your .NET development into the future with .NET 5

By Gill Cleeren

In 2019, Microsoft announced its vision for the future of .NET and .NET Core. In short, they’re unifying the different platforms, giving developers the opportunity to use one .NET for all things desktop, web and mobile across Windows, Linux and Mac.

In November 2020, we got .NET 5, the first release on the path to make all this possible—and it comes with major improvements including tons of additions to Blazor, performance improvements across the board, a new version of C# and more.

Join expert and Pluralsight author Gill Cleeren for a whirlwind tour of .NET 5. Not only will you learn what’s next for .NET, you’ll also understand the implications of these changes on your current projects. Watch now to learn where the platform is heading and what to expect for 2021 and beyond.


About the author

Gill Cleeren is a Microsoft Regional Director, MVP and Pluralsight author. Gill is a freelance solution architect living in Belgium. He focuses on web and mobile development and loves Xamarin. He's also a frequent speaker at many international conferences. Gill also founded Techorama, the biggest IT conference in Belgium and the Netherlands. You can find his website at www.snowball.be.

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