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Getting started with HoloLens Development

Curious about augmented and virtual reality? What about mixed reality? (A digital reality that interacts with the physical reality you see and enhances it with interactive 3D holograms.) If so, you need to check out HoloLens. This self-contained, wearable computing device immerses users in a mixed reality experience like no other.

Pluralsight author, Lars Klint, introduces the fundamentals of designing and building universal apps for HoloLens in this recorded presentation. Learn how to:

  • Create immersive and engaging apps
  • Use gaze, gestures, voice and audio features
  • Discover the tooling you’ll need to get started

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Featured Author

Lars Klint

Lars is an author, trainer, Microsoft MVP, community leader, authority on all things Windows Platform, and part time crocodile wrangler. He is heavily involved in the space of HoloLens and mixed reality, as well as a published Pluralsight author, freelance solution architect, and writer for numerous publications. He has been a part of the software development community for the past 20 years and co-organizes the DDD Melbourne community conference, organizes developer events with Microsoft, and also runs a part time car restoration business. He has spoken at numerous technical events around the world and is an expert in Australian Outback Internet.