Leading tech talent: How to align your team and foster growth

By Jeremy Morgan

Tech companies are continuously searching for and hiring top-tier talent, but what happens after they’re hired? How do you empower them to be the best in their craft? What do they need to become high-performers that want to stay with you through the good and bad times? It starts at the top.

Join Pluralsight author Jeremy Morgan as he hosts a discussion with world-class engineering leaders who will share their experience and insights on growing and building strong tech teams, including how to:

  • Foster growth in uncomfortable conditions
  • Align team members around common goals (and how to best coach the team to meet them)
  • Create a culture of learning and psychological safety

About the author

Jeremy Morgan is a tech blogger, speaker, and author who loves technology. He has been a developer for nearly two decades and has worked with a variety of companies—from the Fortune 100 to shoestring startups. He has spent the last several years as a DevOps consultant, helping organizations move code faster through automated pipelines.

Jeremy is currently a Pluralsight author, empowering technologists to keep their skills sharp. In his free time, he loves to push the limits of his home lab.


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