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Is your team ready to learn React?

There are a seemingly endless number of new JavaScript frameworks and libraries to pay attention to and it’s often hard to decide which one is best for your project or workflow. In this on-demand webinar you’ll hear from Code School experts Carlos Souza and Sergio Cruz as they compare React.js to popular alternatives like Angular and jQuery. In a pre-recorded and interactive coding demo, they’ll show why it makes sense for your team to start using React.js in your front-end workflow.  You’ll get a first-hand look at its capabilities and explore the learning curve, performance and real-world uses.

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Sergio Cruz

Sergio Cruz is an application developer who is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge. Recently, he taught Code School’s React course, "Powering up With React." When he is not typing code at Code School, you may find him speaking at or attending conferences.

Carlos Souza

Carlos Souza is a course instructor at Code School. Working on ES2015, React, Node and Ruby on Rails content for Code School, Carlos has years of experience as a full-stack developer and regularly speaks at conferences and community meetups.