Managing IT: Leading in times of crisis

By Kevin Miller

No organization is exempt from crises and their far-reaching effects. We're seeing this play out in real-time as companies around the world respond to COVID-19 by making large-scale shifts to "business as usual." No company can predict when catastrophe will come or all the operational steps to quell the storm, but one thing is certain. In times of crisis, leadership matters.

Whether this is your first time leading through a crisis—or you've navigated a few during your career, you'll want to join Pluralsight author and senior IT management consultant Kevin Miller as he shares best practices to lead a modern tech org through challenging times, including:

  • How to create and test your disaster recovery plan
  • How to effectively communicate to your team during times of crisis
  • How you to show up in your interactions with your team


About the author

Kevin's mission is to close the gap between IT departments and the businesses they support, by opening IT to change. His goal is not to change what IT does; it is to change how IT does it, by changing how IT thinks. Kevin's expertise is helping organizations of all sizes adopt and embrace agile methodologies for faster deliveries, reduced cost, and increased customer satisfaction. Kevin possesses numerous degrees and certifications, and over 20 years of progressive experience in a wide range of technical areas, including: software development, operations, project management and leadership. His hobbies include learning, teaching, scuba diving, playing chess, and traveling. Kevin can be found online at DeltaTechnology.net.

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