Measure skills with new tools for the modern age

The new standard for measuring and building tech skills is here.

At Pluralsight LIVE, we unveiled fresh products designed to help leaders measure where their team’s skills are and keep track of how those skills are contributing to business outcomes. 

Is your company ready to tie technology skills to strategy?

Pluralsight’s Director of Product Marketing, Tom McConnon, dives into Pluralsight’s new releases in this on-demand webinar, where you’ll learn how to leverage our technology learning platform to:


  • Verify knowledge with Pluralsight IQ
  • Use Advanced Skills Analytics and put the right people on the right projects
  • Monitor progress toward business goals with advanced channels analytics
  • Deliver on major initiatives faster with our technology strategy plan service 
  • And more!

Watch now 

Meet our presenter

Tom McConnon

Director of product marketing

Tom has spent the better part of a decade leading marketing efforts for B2B SaaS unicorns. His love of learning and technology led him to his current role as a director of product marketing at Pluralsight. Tom is particularly passionate about the intersection of product marketing, content and data.

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