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Measuring your
on-demand learning solutions

How can your business truly determine the best potential learning provider—and what should you consider before replacing your existing one? In this 20-minute, on-demand webinar, CEB, Inc. senior learning specialist Christopher LeBrun explores practical methods you can use to measure the impact your learning provider has on your team’s performance. You’ll discover practical ways to evaluate your options, address skills gaps in real-time and accurately measure ROI and performance data.

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Christopher LeBrun, MBA HCS

Chris has a passion for talent and, as a Senior Consultant for CEB-Metrics that Matter, he works with clients to assist with the enablement and execution of talent measurement strategies designed to drive positive business outcomes. Chris has done extensive work in the areas of strategy development and visioning, KPI identification and prioritization, survey/assessment design, dashboard and data visualization, employee engagement, as well as working on award winning corporate university applications.

Prior to working at CEB-Metrics that Matter, he worked on implementing and running a statewide program through a network of organizations. This work included the development of a governance structure, establishment of standards, tools, and processes, managing client and partner relationships, program reporting and analytics, risk mitigating, and change management.