Microservices in Azure: Containers or serverless?

By Mark Heath

Many companies are looking for a path to migrate from legacy monolithic applications, towards a more modern, cloud-based microservice architecture. But there are many choices along the way. 

How do you pick between two of the biggest trends in cloud architecture at the moment: containers or serverless

In this webinar you'll learn about the strengths of both approaches, how to pick the right approach for your business requirements, and some of the key challenges you need to be prepared for. 

We'll see how this can work in practice by looking at several key Azure technologies that enable these architectures such as Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Functions, and Azure Container Instances. 

And we'll see how the strengths of serverless and containerization can even be combined together into a hybrid architecture providing the best of both worlds.


About the author

Mark is a Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight author and open source developer. He works as .NET developer and software architect, building digital evidence management systems in Azure for the police. You can keep up with what he's doing on his blog at http://markheath.net or on Twitter @mark_heath

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