We Will Rock Vue: Getting started with Vue.js

By John Papa

Learning JavaScript and building in its ecosystem can be complex. But what if you could learn a framework that would allow you to be productive building in JS right away? That's where Vue.js comes in.

Watch JavaScript expert and Pluralsight author John Papa to learn how to get started with Vue.js. He’ll cover the fundamentals you’ll need to produce web apps on your own in today's environment, including:

- Data bindings

- Templates and components

- Routing

- Vue CLI, and more!

Get ready to learn why Vue is one of the hottest rising stars in the Web world.


About the author

John Papa is a Principal Developer Advocate with Microsoft and an alumnus of the Google Developer Expert, Microsoft Regional Director, and MVP programs. He's passionate about Web and mobile technologies, and often enjoys speaking around the world at keynotes and sessions for conferences, including NgConf, Build, Ignite, VSLive, and AngleBrackets. John is a co-host of the popular Adventures in Angular podcast, author of the Angular Style Guide, several books, and many popular Pluralsight courses. You can reach him at johnpapa.net or on twitter at @john_papa.

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