Inclusive, accessible principles for product teams

By Raquel Breternitz

Everyone should be able to use your software, but accessibility hasn’t always been top-of-mind for product teams. That ends now. 

Join Raquel Breternitz, Senior Designer at Pivotal Labs, for a discussion on how to make better products using inclusive and accessible principles, taking lessons from the disability activism movement and human-centered design. You’ll learn: 

  • Why digital accessibility matters 
  • Why inclusion is one of the fastest ways to a great design and good business
  • How to build cross-functional teams to take action immediately

    This event is being held to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

About the author

Raquel Breternitz is an award-winning designer, a speaker, and a writer. She is passionate about inclusion, accessibility, and keeping tech human (and human-focused). Most recently, she worked as the Design Director for the Elizabeth Warren campaign and currently serves as a design strategist at Geometer.io.

As a designer, Raquel’s work spans a variety of mediums and domains, connected by her passion for research-driven inclusive design and hunger for tackling complex problems. She works content-first (ban lorem ipsum), with a sharp eye on ethical considerations and human-centered outcomes. She will sometimes get emotional about fonts, and she is Extremely Online at @raqueldesigns.


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