New and noteworthy on Pluralsight: Get a deep dive into our latest platform updates

By Austin Bagley

The future of technology leadership requires three key things: strategic thinking, skills transformation at scale and visibility into your team’s skills and workflow trends. This is a tall order, but don't worry. We have you covered.

Join Sr. Product Marketing Manager Austin Bagley to learn about Pluralsight's recent platform updates and how to drive business outcomes through technology skill development and engineering analytics. You'll walk away with new ways to keep your organization on the cutting edge of innovation, including how to

  • Align the entire company through a shared vision and understanding of your technology strategy
  • Increase the efficiency of skill development with content that provides answers in the moment of need 
  • Achieve greater engineering effectiveness by getting visibility into how engineering teams work

About the author

Austin is a senior product marketer at Pluralsight and works with customers and product teams to discover, build and launch new experiences to support engineering excellence.

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