On-demand Webinar: Making sense of the new Microsoft Azure certifications

By Tim Warner

Originally Microsoft technology specialists had one certification credential to choose from to demonstrate their proficiency with Microsoft Azure. Times have changed.

The problem with the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) title was that its content spanned the Administrator, Developer, and Architect skill sets. That breadth of skills represented a heavy lift for many IT professionals. 

In late 2018, Microsoft Learning completely re-vamped their Microsoft Azure certifications. Now we have job role-based badges that enable you to specify your Azure proficiency granularly. The badges are eminently shareable and serve as a concrete verification of your Azure expertise. 

Join Pluralsight author and Microsoft MVP Tim Warner for an information-packed session where you will understand how the new Azure role-based certifications work, and what factors go into a winning cert-prep strategy. Bring your questions and prepare to learn!

About the author

is a full-time author with the Pluralsight IT Ops division. He's worked with Windows Server since NT 4.0, and is totally in love with Windows PowerShell. Follow him on Twitter @TechTrainerTim.