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Give your team a trusted skill development solution that allows them to build in-demand skills in a way that's personalized to their current knowledge and preferred way to learn.

Explore our expansive library of expert-authored courses

Returns worth your investment

By prioritizing technology skill development, you’ll keep pace with business objectives and offer growth opportunities that improve talent attraction and retention.


93% of customers reported realizing ROI within 6–12 months


Trusted by over 20,000 organizations and approximately 70% of Fortune 500 companies

Leader in Tech Skills

Rated a 2022 Leader in Technical Skills Development by G2, and as a Leader in the 2022 IDC MarketScape for IT Training

*Statistics from TechValidate Survey 2020

Customer Stories

Pluralsight + Fujitsu: Investing in measurable skill development

“Pluralsight has everyday offerings available, it's got future technologies, it's got technologies that as the business we need, to draw from and enhance our capabilities to ensure that we can then collaboratively work with our customer, the end client, to deliver that service secure and risk-free.”

Richard Sumnall, Infrastructure Services Operations Manager, Fujitsu


Since adopting Pluralsight, Fujitsu has been able to demonstrate greater depth of in-house technical skills.

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Business agility: Fujitsu can now meet shifting needs of customers faster, embracing new technologies as they emerge.


Innovative workforce: Teams are engaged, collaborative and competitive in their skill development, leading to new innovations.

VM Ware

Take control of your career

Whether you want to transition into a new field, improve in your role or bring your big ideas to life, Pluralsight Skills can help you get there. With our technology skills platform, you can build in-demand skills and apply them in the real world with confidence.


Learn modern tech skills the way you learn best—hands-on


Explore roles and career paths that pull in the biggest salaries


Accelerate your career with certifications


Advance your career in the cloud


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Frequently asked questions

Will I be charged now for the Pluralsight Skills professional team free trial?

It's simple. When you sign up, you'll immediately have unlimited viewing of thousands of expert courses, paths to guide your learning, tools to measure your skills and hands-on resources like exercise files. There’s no limit on what you can learn and you can cancel at any time.

Do you offer a pilot for Pluralsight Skills enterprise business plans?

Yes, if you would like a Pluralsight Skills business pilot for 10 or fewer users for our professional plan, you can set up your own pilot here.  You can use PayPal or a credit/debit card to start the pilot.  

If you don't want to enter any billing information or would like a pilot for more than 10 users, you can submit a pilot request here. Someone from our sales team should follow up with you within 2 business days.

What's the cost of a Pluralsight Skills business plan?

View all Professional and Enterprise Pluralsight Skills features and pricing here. You can also start a free 14-day team pilot for up to 10 users here. 

If you need to renew your business subscription, or if you’ve worked with a salesperson in the past, please contact Sales at

How many licenses should I purchase for my plan?

Each learner needs their own license. All Pluralsight Skills business plan licensing is license-per-learner, and we do not offer concurrent licensing. Our plans are priced accordingly, whether your organization needs two licenses or more than 1,000.

For example, if you have 5 people on your team, you’ll need 5 licenses. Plan administrators do not need a license to manage their team, but if the plan admin doesn’t have a license, they can’t watch content. 

If a learner leaves your team, you can remove their license — click here for how to remove a user's license. The number of times you can transfer a license is subject to your company’s agreement with Pluralsight. If you have questions about this, please contact your Sales rep and refer to our Terms of Use.

Accounts are personal to the learner using them and cannot be shared or re-used. A learner who has an account can be invited to your business plan, and bring their viewing history to the plan.

Do you offer volume pricing?

Yes, we offer discounts to Pluralsight Skills business plans depending on the amount of licenses purchased. To learn more about volume pricing, please contact Sales.

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