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The foundation of Verizon’s network
of the future: Skills

The Challenge

Building the network of the future by developing talent  

At Verizon, the name of the game is bringing wireless services, network services and technical solutions to market quickly to help businesses and individuals connect better than ever. 

“Our strategic priority over the next five years is really building our 5G network,” says Lou Tedrick, VP and Chief Learning Officer. “In order to do that, we’re building our talent and we’re building the solutions sets that will enable this technology to be used.”

To stay ahead of the rapid pace of technological change, Verizon announced a strategy for transformation: Verizon 2.0. It will require Verizon product development at scale paired with technical skills development across every domain to innovate on things people have not even thought about. A key component of the strategy is upskilling Verizon’s workforce to deliver quickly and efficiently on the ultimate promise of its 5G and multi-access edge computing (MEC) technologies. 

SVP of Finance Business Transformation Shane Sanders explains, “2.0 is really about building skills and capabilities aligned with business priorities. So it isn’t training for the sake of training. It’s training based on what the future looks like and what the skill gaps are that you have today.”

Who they are

Ranked 19 of Fortune 500, Verizon is one of the largest communication technology companies in the world. Verizon understands the pressures brought on by digital transformation as the world they connect moves quickly.

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Growing a talented workforce that delivers

“We must develop our employees’ skills if we are going to deliver our objectives within 5G.”

Paul Vincent, Area VP Global Service Assurance

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The Solution

2.0: An updated front-end skills experience 

Verizon identified the need for upskilling across the organization in order to deliver on its promises and continue leading the telecom market.

“We're always having to deal with new technologies, so it is really important for employees to be able to keep up with that,” says Un Chi Sweeney, Director of IT Transformational Governance. “It’s about your ability to hone your skills and elevate them.” 

Verizon partnered with Pluralsight to accomplish their skill initiatives. Together, Verizon and Pluralsight defined over 130 roles of the future and mapped relevant skill assessments and courses to each. With thousands of assessments taken at Verizon to date, Skill IQ, which shows proficiency by learner, allowed leaders to quickly benchmark skills and identify gaps. Using skill analytics, leaders at Verizon are now able to see continuous skill gains among its workforce and move people into critical roles based on these outcomes. 

Lou says, “Our employees are able to use Pluralsight to prepare for certification examinations, do practice tests, and they really love it.”

The key benefits of Pluralsight for Verizon

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Cross-functional skill progression

Upskilling happens across organizations within the company, so everyone is part of the transformation.

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Building out roles of the future

Leaders are able to identify roles they will need to fill and develop, and can now provide a path to those roles.

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Faster delivery

Upskilling enables teams to deliver insights and releases to the market faster than the competition.

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Confident leadership

Skill progression gives leaders confidence in achieving their North star: being the 5G leader in the industry.

The right tool for the job

“To win in the marketplace we need to be constantly moving forward, and Pluralsight is one of the enablers that helps us.”

Lou Tedrick, VP & Chief Learning Officer, Verizon

The results

Leading with data and insights

Verizon knows the only way to power new business models is with raw talent and a strong culture. With the help of Pluralsight, Verizon has been able to deliver on key components of Verizon 2.0 in months instead of years, while providing transparency. Teams know they’re working on projects that matter.

And leaders know they’re tracking to their North star. Thanks to skill progression data from Pluralsight, managing skill development across teams, tech stacks and business objectives is less of a heavy lift, allowing leadership to focus on business priorities. With a leg up on building out today’s critical roles across the enterprise, they’re able to focus on mapping emerging technology skills to the roles of the future, across all business segments. 

Because of their skilled workforce, Verizon now has the confidence to deliver on 5G and edge computing at scale. The company knows they have the culture, talent and skills to thrive in—and even create—the future. They are poised to lead the way in harnessing technology for groundbreaking innovations in healthcare, public safety, education and more. Having solved the 5G skills development puzzle, the possibilities for things like remote surgery, automated collision avoidance through smart city networks, and AR-augmented helmets to improve firefighting conditions are just the beginning. 

Fueled up for the future

“5G is the centerstone of what we're planning to do, and Pluralsight has everything we need to get there.”

Justin Wheeler, MTS III Spec-Sys Engineer, Verizon

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