Pluralsight Leadership Summit Europe

Pluralsight Leadership Summit Europe

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Calendar icon Mar 02, 2021 - Mar 03, 2021
Clock icon 11:00 AM GMT-7:00 AM GMT
Globe icon EMEA

Pluralsight Leadership Summit is an exclusive virtual event for technology executives who are focused on building stronger teams and more innovative products. Join us to develop a winning technology skills strategy that can keep up with constant disruption, and learn how to equip your organisation for success through tech skill development and increased engineering efficiency. Attendance is free of charge.

Tech is facing some big challenges. The 2021 Leadership Summit Europe will help you tackle them head on:

Succeed with a transformed workforce 

Covid-19 transformed the global workforce almost instantly - mass remote working increased the burden on VPNs and IT support exponentially, and placed new demands on the effectiveness of processes. Discover how to stay agile and boost efficiencies across your team.

Keep pace with digital acceleration

The acceleration of digital transformation is phenomenal, but so are the opportunities. We’ll show you how to keep pace with technology like AI, ML and Big Data and continuously outperform and outpace your competition.

Get to grips with tech modernisation

Cloud migration is now a must-have but the rush to modernise can lead to tech debt. We’ll explore the techniques that are vital to balance security, automation and new customer expectations all at the same time.


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Aaron Skonnard

Co-founder and CEO, Pluralsight

Jacqueline de Rojas

President of techUK and Chair of the Board of Digital Leaders

Marianne Kolding

VP, European Core Research Excellence Leader, European Skills Practice

Heike Laube

CLO Development, Services and Engagement, SAP

Juan Gómez-Reino Garrido

Chief Technology Officer, Lloyds Banking Group

Carl Tanner

Training Business Lead EMEA, Google Cloud

Kristina Bixo

Head of Learning and Development, SEB

Cyril De Avellar

Learning and Development Leader, Ingka Digital

Carlos Buenosvinos

CEO and CTO, SEAT:Code

Laurence Lafont

Vice President, Industry Sales, EMEA, Google Cloud

Joanna Senderak-Jankowska

Program Lead, Google Cloud Certification Readiness

Martin Reeves

Transformation & Strategy Director, Deutsche Bank