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on mission-critical objectives

With Pluralsight, you can evaluate the technical abilities of your teams, align skill development to key agency objectives and build critical skills in areas like cloud, security and data.


Pluralsight Skills allows you to mobilize your agency around your most critical IT initiatives and map skill development to agency priorities like IT modernization, cybersecurity, data management and cloud services.


Access the expertise of over 1,500 authorities on the latest technologies and processes


Index tech skills across your organization with Skill IQ


Upskill employees into modern tech roles with Role IQ


Build fluid teams that meet objectives with advanced analytics


Pluralsight Flow provides data-driven engineering management for government agencies. With Flow, you can find and address agency development flow inefficiencies, understand team collaboration patterns and provide managers with the data they need to support their teams.


Recognize project bottlenecks and remove them


Observe team dynamics and patterns in the code review process


Understand what percentage of PRs or commits get zero responses


Get insight into your team’s effectiveness by programming language

Tackle your biggest
challenges head-on

Build the skills you need to deliver


Modernize your legacy systems

It’s time for an update. Modernize your infrastructure to become more agile, safeguard your data and provide seamless constituent services. With expert-led courses on top and emerging technologies, you’ll find endless opportunities to upgrade your tech.

Cloud Skills

Command the cloud with confidence

Whether you’re migrating to the cloud or managing hybrid cloud environments, keeping your data safe, secure and scalable is of the utmost importance. With Pluralsight, you have access to expert-authored content on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and much more. 

Security Skills

Minimize risk and mitigate vulnerabilities

Create agency-wide resilience against evolving security threats. With content created by industry experts with real-world experience in both offensive and defensive security, you can upskill your personnel in critical topics like penetration testing, secure coding, security compliance and more. 

case study

A Skills Strategy for State Technology Workers

“You hear about the talent skills gap all the time,” says Michael Hussey, who was appointed as CIO and executive director of DTS in 2015. “We’re trying to be creative for our employees, keep some incredible folks, and help fill a void in the skills we need for the state.

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