Cendyn Leverages Pluralsight Skills to Close Skills Gaps Amidst Pandemic

Apr 19, 2021

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — Pluralsight, Inc., the technology workforce development company, today announced that Cendyn, the leading cloud software and services provider for the hospitality industry, leveraged Pluralsight Skills during the pandemic to invest in their employees and upskill its workforce on the latest technologies to enhance productivity.

With a focus on integrated hotel CRM, hotel sales and revenue strategy technology platforms, Cendyn serves thousands of hotels across the globe. With the global pandemic posing barriers to almost every aspect of the hospitality experience, Cendyn was forced to furlough a percentage of its workforce, leading to a shortage of critical technology resources.

As Cendyn was confronting a shortage of technical personnel, Pluralsight launched its Free April campaign by offering full access to its entire platform of more than 7,000 technology skill development courses taught by the world’s leading technology experts for free during the month of April in 2020. To address immediate resource needs to support current projects, Cendyn utilized Pluralsight’s Free April offering to quickly upskill its remaining team members, some in highly technical areas, to close the gap left by those who were furloughed.

“The pandemic forced us to accelerate upskilling, as teams were reduced in size and those who remained had to take on unfamiliar projects, often using unfamiliar technologies,” said Brad Noe, Chief Technology Officer at Cendyn. “We had to quickly pivot and we needed to make sure that our team members had an opportunity to learn the latest technologies and the latest processes to remain efficient and productive. Pluralsight’s Free April program gave us that opportunity. Since implementing in 2020, we saw so much success with the training, we have decided to continue to offer skill development for our employees.”

From the Director of Integrations to Software Developers, Cendyn’s team members participated in Pluralsight’s Free April program to learn technology skills in areas such as DevOps, Agile, Azure, and more, at scale. As a result, team members found efficiencies with their expanded technology skills and could move faster while enabling better team collaboration, making processes more effective.

The success of Free April prompted Cendyn to extend their trial into a multi-year partnership with Pluralsight, allowing for continuous technology skill development that align to the company’s strategic objectives while addressing both their immediate and long-term business needs. With Pluralsight Skills, Cendyn is consistently delivering and quickly adopting new tools by building critical technology skills. Team members are empowered to develop the skills they need using customized channels, Skills IQ assessments, and analytics to validate their skills progression and rapidly close the knowledge gap.

“With Pluralsight Skills, Cendyn is positioned for growth. Our team members have access to high-quality technology content to deepen their expertise and explore technologies that are not currently in play at our company,” added Noe. ‘They’re now able to innovate new solutions and problem-solve on projects using technologies they may not have previously been familiar with. Pluralsight has enabled our team members to be very agile, broadening us as a company.”

Having now integrated Pluralsight Skills into their technology skill development program, Cendyn is looking forward to seeing how Pluralsight Flow can benefit teams as they charge forward toward a post-pandemic future.

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