Fujitsu Using Pluralsight to Align Technology Skill Development with Core Business Objectives for Customers

Aug 22, 2019

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — Pluralsight, Inc. (NASDAQ: PS), the technology skills platform, today announced that Fujitsu in the UK is using Pluralsight to empower its team with the necessary skills to help its customers thrive in today’s digital world.

With a strong heritage in technology, Fujitsu, the IT services provider, brings market-leading expertise and support to customers across the public and private sector as they look to digitally transform and prepare for the future. To keep up with the rapid pace of change and continue to offer services that customers require, Fujitsu recognized a pressing need to empower team members with resources to develop the most up-to-date technology skills.

“We know that technological advancement is happening faster than ever, and the way we deliver services has changed massively,” said Richard Sumnall, Operations Manager at Fujitsu UK. “This has meant that re-skilling is essential for us, and with Pluralsight we are able to do it as effectively as possible.”

With Pluralsight, Fujitsu team members are empowered to develop the technology skills of today and the future in a way which is tailored to their role. Fujitsu has put a number of specific learning pathways in place, targeted at different roles, including architects, service delivery and operations. Using Pluralsight, It has created direction and clarity for teams and is ensuring that team members have access to technology skills for their roles. As team members develop new technology skills and update their skill profiles, managers are then able to analyze and map internal talent to the needs of customers.

“One of the biggest benefits of working with Pluralsight is that we are able to implement technology training quickly and at scale, and monitor where competencies are, and where gaps exist,” continued Sumnall. “For example, we are increasingly seeing cloud skills, security skills and agile adoption being used across the market, and with Pluralsight, we are able to develop these skills quickly, and give our customers the best possible service.”

Since using Pluralsight, Fujitsu team members are increasingly enthusiastic about personal career development, and leadership teams are striving to make learning a core part of everyday business operations. By investing in personalized learning, Fujitsu has seen increased engagement and motivation from employees who feel that the organisation values their own progress.

“With Pluralsight, our team members are extremely engaged with continuous learning and increasing their competency in various technology skills,” added Sumnall. “I think this is a result of how convenient the platform is to access, how employees can test their knowledge in real-time and the fact that it has made our teams feel more confident in their abilities.”

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