Pluralsight and Google Cloud Collaborate to Power Cloud Skill Development at Scale

Aug 28, 2019

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — Pluralsight, Inc. (NASDAQ: PS), the enterprise technology skills platform, announced today the release of a new cloud skill development initiative for cloud customers on the Pluralsight platform. The initiative includes the launch of a Skill IQ assessment for associate cloud engineers on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), as well as the release of new courses on topics such as data analytics, machine learning, kubernetes, and cloud infrastructure.

“The rapid growth of demand for cloud services in the enterprise has also sparked an explosion in demand for skill development on cloud platforms,” said Nate Walkingshaw, Chief Experience Officer, Pluralsight. “As the frequency and complexity of cloud deployments grow, some of the most advanced enterprises around the world are turning to Pluralsight to help them make sure their IT teams have the necessary skills to make every cloud project a success. As part of those efforts, we are working closely with our partners at Google Cloud to host a robust library for skill development, ensuring GCP customers get the most out of their cloud investments.”

Using Pluralsight’s Skill IQ, CIOs, CTOs and tech leaders will be able to quickly index their team’s skills and build a technology skills development strategy to help them close existing skill gaps. The new, exclusively developed for Google Cloud, “Associate Cloud Engineer on GCP,” Skill IQ will measure skills in a number of technical areas, including application development services, data services, kubernetes, network design, managing virtual machines, logging and monitoring, and configuring access and security measures.

“Google Cloud has seen tremendous growth as enterprises are accelerating cloud adoption to implement business-critical IT projects. As more enterprises increasingly turn to the cloud, the need for skill development is larger than ever before. Pluralsight is a valued strategic partner for Google Cloud as we work to help customers deploy transformational technologies in the cloud,” said Jason Martin, VP, Professional Services at Google Cloud.

Pluralsight and Google Cloud will continue to release the entire Google Cloud course library on the Pluralsight platform throughout the year for IT leaders to ensure their teams have adequate skills. Additionally, Google Cloud courses on the Pluralsight Skills platform are integrated with Qwiklabs, giving users practice with hands-on labs in a Google Cloud Platform sandbox environment.

“The cloud of the next five years will be markedly different from that of the past decade, with the focus shifting to the ‘distributed cloud’ - as the public cloud leaders’ innovative services become deployed in enterprise datacenters; in distributed locations like retail stores, branch offices, factories and hospitals; and at an expanding variety of edge locations,” says IDC analyst Frank Gens.

To help enterprises prepare for the evolving nature of cloud computing, Pluralsight offers one of the largest and most robust technology skill development platforms for improving cloud skills. With a rapidly expanding number of cloud skill development paths covered, Pluralsight delivers a comprehensive tool for IT leaders to ensure that employee skills align with the needs of every cloud initiative. Pluralsight Skills also enables skill development for cloud adjacent technologies such as networking, big data, and security, giving tech leaders the ability to implement a holistic skill development program.

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