Pluralsight Announces the 2022 Best in Tech Award Winners

Oct 11, 2022

Silicon Slopes, Utah — Pluralsight, the technology workforce development company, today announced the winners of its 2022 Best in Tech Awards. The awards are designed to honor and celebrate Pluralsight customers who are innovating across their organizations through technology workforce development. Award recipients will be recognized at Pluralsight’s Navigate Conference, held October 11-13, 2022.

“Success today requires businesses to keep pace with innovation and that only comes by becoming creators, rather than consumers, of talent,” said Aaron Skonnard, Co-founder and CEO at Pluralsight. “Today I am proud to recognize several of our customers who have truly embraced this mindset and are demonstrating a commitment to continuous skill and workforce development. Congratulations to each of the Best in Tech recipients who are dedicated to empowering their people, and as a result, are creating incredible outcomes for their customers.”

2022 Best in Tech Award Winners

Wells Fargo: Best in Tech - Cloud Transformation
At Wells Fargo, every technologist has access to unique role based learning paths curated by its learning and development (L&D) organization and subject matter experts through the Technology College and DevelopYou—and over 85% of content in these learning paths comes from Pluralsight Skills. Wells Fargo has over 100 custom Skills Strategy Plan (SSP) channels specific to these paths and topics in their DevelopYou Academy. With Pluralsight Skills, A Cloud Guru, and engagement with Pluralsight Professional Services, Wells Fargo is leveraging Pluralsight for the blended learning approach they want to offer all employees across their technology organization.

Ford Credit: Best in Tech - Reskilling
Ford Credit continues to innovate and transform their organization to deliver innovative and loyalty-driving digital experiences to their customers. Ford Credit launched learn-to-code programs for all employees globally, regardless of technical ability, and saw a 100% graduation rate from technical and non-technical backgrounds. The company will scale these pilot programs across the organization over the coming year as a key strategic pillar of their talent strategy.

Bank of Montreal: Best in Tech - Learner Engagement
BMO’s digital-first strategy informs the bank’s commitment to continually evolving technology, business models, and skills to deliver services with speed and scale. To upskill effectively in priority areas such as agile transformation and the Cloud, BMO incorporated Pluralsight Skills into their award-winning learning ecosystem. As a result, BMO’s learners have shown a 39% increase in skills growth on average. The bank has maintained a high level of engagement with learners and their commitment to learning continues to evolve with a particular focus on digital, using adaptive learning and other AI-driven insights.

AdvancedMD: Best in Tech - Data For Good
AdvancedMD uses Pluralsight Flow in an effort to humanize software engineering and, in the process, unlock valuable opportunities and conversations for engineers. With Flow, AdvancedMD is creating more meaningful connections with its engineers across the globe, all in an effort to make AdvancedMD the place where people want to work.

Capgemini University: Best in Tech - Tech for All
Capgemini University recognized that making a digital learning investment in their employees would deliver both value and impact to their people, clients, and business. As part of its focus on driving the digital learning agenda across the company’s 350,000+ employees, Capgemini University recently launched ‘NEXT,’ its digital learning platform, incorporating best-in-class learning from internal subject matter experts, Pluralsight Skills, plus others, open freely to all employees anywhere, anytime. The entire Capgemini workforce can now advance their knowledge, upskilling for today and preparing for tomorrow across technologies such as cloud computing, data, artificial intelligence, and software development and more.

Techcombank: Best in Tech - Integrated Learning
Techcombank is on a mission to lead the digital transformation of the financial industry, enabling individuals and businesses to progress and thrive sustainably. Techcombank's technology investments drove an impressive 81% rise in the value of e-banking transactions. With nearly 81% of associates actively engaging in skill proficiency evaluation as part of their upskilling, their median learning hours and courses watched are above industry average.

Rabobank: Best in Tech - Culture of Continuous Learning
Rabobank has truly embraced the Pluralsight tech skills development philosophy. The company’s technology organization offers the possibility to spend about 10% of the sprint time for learning, proving that Rabobank takes learning culture seriously. This structured approach is already delivering tremendous value: A number of teams have achieved up to 5x more learning engagement on the Pluralsight Skills platform than the industry average. Rabobank also created cloud and security certification learning paths—and already 150 learners are actively using them to get certified.

Allvue: Best in Tech - Engineering Excellence
Allvue combines extensive experience in data aggregation, process management, and business reporting to offer superior end-to-end software solutions for investors with an emphasis on client growth and success. The company’s engineering leaders and teams are extremely agile and able to deliver value quickly thanks, in part, to the team intelligence they gain with Flow. They are invested in the solution and often provide feedback and insights to help Pluralsight fine-tune the Flow platform and reports, including its user interface. They aren't just admirers of the product, they're practitioners. Allvue leaders regularly use Ticket Log reports to improve engineering efficacy.

Winston Smith: Best in Tech - Changemaker
Winston Smith is a technologist who was looking for better ways to increase his knowledge of the cloud. Winston utilized A Cloud Guru, a Pluralsight company, to obtain AWS certifications in just 14 months. Quickly after, he became an AWS contractor, earning six times more than the goal he had initially set for himself. Winston has been so successful getting contract work with AWS, BP, the National Health Service, and other companies as a cloud engineer, he started his own company, Ultra Instinct Cloud Consultancy Ltd., where his five siblings are employed.

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