Pluralsight Introduces AI Sandboxes to Help Organizations Master AI Tools and Techniques

Mar 4, 2024

AI Sandboxes will enable learners to safely practice and experiment with AI solutions 

Silicon Slopes, Utah — Pluralsight, the technology workforce development company, today introduced AI sandboxes, a new immersive, hands-on experience where learners can practice AI skills and experiment with AI solutions. AI sandboxes allow users to safely experiment with preconfigured AI cloud services, generative AI notebooks, and a variety of large language models (LLMs), helping organizations save time, reduce costs, and minimize risk by eliminating the need to provision their own sandboxes.

While the potential for AI is nearly limitless, research shows that AI expertise is incredibly limited. Pluralsight’s recent AI Skills Report showed that only 12% of technologists have significant experience working with AI. However, studies suggest that effectively implementing AI has massive benefits for organizations. Research by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that generative AI (GenAI) apps like ChatGPT can increase workforce productivity by an average of 14%. McKinsey also found that GenAI and other technologies have the potential to automate tasks that occupy up to 70% of employees’ time.   

“To take full advantage of the benefits that AI has to offer, companies need to invest in expanding the breadth and depth of their workforce’s technical knowledge,” said Greg Ceccarelli, Chief Product Officer at Pluralsight. “Organizations that leverage Pluralsight’s AI sandboxes will have a safe, secure environment to upskill employees without fear of generating unintended cloud computing costs or the risk associated with learning in a production environment.”  

"With 52% of IT leaders already using or piloting GenAI for training, Pluralsight’s innovative AI Sandbox environments enhance and augment existing training regimens,” said IDC research director Gina Smith, Ph.D., who leads its global IT Skills for Digital Business practice. “To ensure successful AI implementations, technologists need the freedom to experiment with AI in a safe environment.”

Pluralsight’s three unique experiences – Prompt sandbox, AI cloud sandboxes, and SageMaker Studio notebook – allow organizations to build real-world AI expertise and validate practical experience. By mastering the tools and techniques of AI, businesses can increase productivity, improve customer service, and reduce human error. 

Prompt sandbox

Prompt sandbox empowers learners to master the tools and techniques of LLM development by comparing results for two LLMs at the same time. Organizations can leverage this tool to help employees:

  • Boost productivity by quickly drafting content, debugging code, and analyzing data 
  • Learn how to integrate LLMs into code to create an AI-powered application in minutes
  • Save time and improve data output by quickly comparing results, costs, and tokens across multiple LLMs from a single location

AI cloud sandboxes

Using AI cloud sandboxes, employees can initiate a live sandbox session on Amazon Web Services, Azure, or Google Cloud to practice skills using the cloud provider’s AI services. As with all of the sandbox environments, Pluralsight covers the cost of building, securing, and managing AI cloud sandboxes to help organizations:

  • Save time, money, and resources by provisioning their own AI sandboxes without the need for separate cloud provider accounts
  • Enable workforces to experiment and quickly gain AI skills without the fear of accidental charges from expensive AI services left running in the cloud
  • Build hands-on AI skills in a sandbox before attempting to make changes to production environments to help minimize risks

SageMaker studio notebook

SageMaker Studio notebook allows users to experiment with all machine learning (ML) development steps – from preparing data to building, training, and deploying ML models. SageMaker Studio notebook, an essential tool for data scientists and anyone working with code and data, enables workforces to:  

  • Simplify the process of learning and coding in multiple programming languages
  • Save time with instant access because no installation is required
  • Build real-world experience working with various data science tasks, such as data organization and data cleaning

Pluralsight’s AI sandboxes will be available on the Pluralsight Skills platform in April 2024. To learn more about how Pluralsight’s AI Sandboxes enable teams to experiment with AI in a safe environment, visit

About Pluralsight 

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