Pluralsight Partners with Dimension Data to Re-Skill Engineers in DevOps and Automation Across 47 Countries Worldwide

Mar 28, 2019

Silicon Slopes, Utah — Pluralsight, Inc. (NASDAQ: PS), the technology skills platform, today announced that Dimension Data, a global systems integrator and managed IT services provider, is using Pluralsight to re-skill its engineers in DevOps and automation, across 47 countries worldwide.

Founded in 1983, Dimension Data brings its market-leading expertise in internal IT, technology installation and configuration, and public and private cloud management, to multinational enterprises around the world. To maintain its competitiveness, it’s critical that it has the talent at its disposal to uphold its reputation and continue to deliver the technology innovation that its customers demand.

“The technology landscape is actually moving faster than any sole person can keep up with. Being able to rapidly up-skill for client requests is crucial,” said Anthony Shaw, Group Director, Talent and Talent Management at Dimension Data. “With Pluralsight, we’re able to do that, which is why we’ve chosen them as our skill development partner.”

Pluralsight enables Dimension Data to quickly see skills gaps across teams in different geographies. The technology skills platform also enables Dimension Data to swiftly bring together virtual teams across different countries, to address immediate client needs. Before Pluralsight, identifying skills was limited to certifications and accreditations that were listed in HR documents. In a tech world where certifications are becoming increasingly irrelevant, understanding people’s true skills and where they are geographically, has been critical to Dimension Data’s success.

Since using Pluralsight, Dimension Data is also increasingly seeing engineers demonstrate skills that directly deliver to a client and can further enhance their business.

“We measure the worth of Pluralsight by demonstrated client value. There is nothing more important than the value you deliver to a client and the meaningful interactions that employees have as they deploy products,” added Shaw. “I have lots of testimonials of engineers who've used the skills they’ve learned at Pluralsight as leverage to deliver value for clients. And I keep on hearing those stories.”

Pluralsight has become so critical for Dimension Data, the company now has a self-registration process for access to the Pluralsight platform so anyone can register on the internal portal. By shifting the spending model, Dimension Data has moved its instructor-led training budget into an online technology skills platform and is now able to serve all of its technical staff as opposed to a small percentage of it, with significant cost savings as a result.

“Before Pluralsight, we were spending about 75% of our training on external classroom training, but only training about 13% of our staff,” said Shaw. “So the savings and skills that come from using Pluralsight are exponential. We can train our entire staff faster and more cost effectively.”

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