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Jan 17, 2018

Pluralsight Boosts Cyber Security Learning Resources to Equip Technology Professionals and Leaders with Skills to Prevent Attacks

Security Expert Troy Hunt Releases New Pluralsight Cyber Security Course for CISOs and Their Teams

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — Pluralsight, the enterprise technology learning platform, today announced that it has enhanced its Information and Cyber Security learning resources to help technology professionals and leaders acquire the skills they need today to thwart the attacks of tomorrow. The announcement is accompanied by the release of the latest Pluralsight security course, “Creating a Security-Centric Culture,” by Pluralsight author and world renowned security expert, Troy Hunt.

“Security must be top of mind for all technology professionals in an organization, not just the designated security team,” said Troy Hunt, Pluralsight author and information security expert. “With a new hack or breach happening almost daily, organizations must develop the skills required to safeguard and manage against security threats by making security the norm rather than the exception.”

Hunt’s new course joins the growing collection of information and cyber security courses on Pluralsight and will empower CISOs and their teams with detailed insight into the tools and techniques needed to fend off cyber attacks and information security breaches before they happen. Since officially launching its information and cyber security content category in July 2016, Pluralsight has released a security-focused Pluralsight IQ and more than 100 new security courses covering a variety of disciplines, including Digital Forensics, Incident Response, Penetration Testing, Secure Coding, Security Assessments and Security Compliance.

According to Gartner, "one reason there is a persistent skills shortage for cybersecurity roles is that cyberskills cover a number of distinct disciplines, ranging from secure coding practices, full-stack knowledge of IT infrastructure to legal and regulatory compliance.” Gartner also notes that “security and risk management leaders will need to invest in training (technology and conceptual) for those skills that are missing among their current staff and are not readily available with current applicants."

“Prior to Pluralsight, we spent hours developing our own security education taught by our developers, but given the large size of our organization and the cost of developing content, we found the obstacles to offering a comprehensive program within our own development organization were too large,” said Kevin Shekleton, VP Chief Architect, Cloud Apps Ops at Cerner. “With Pluralsight, we replaced this internal education with better equivalent content. We now also have access to content that is kept current that would have proved challenging to develop ourselves without a dedicated team. Pluralsight has allowed us to ensure that all roles in our development organization have the knowledge to build secure health care solutions.”

The fast pace of technological change in cybersecurity is widening the skills gap, leaving organizations vulnerable and unprotected. With Pluralsight, CISOs and their teams can understand the fundamentals needed to mitigate vulnerabilities, better protect the security of their organizations and reduce the risks that result from successful cyber attacks. Through its technology learning platform and the largest network of expert technologists in the world, Pluralsight is helping enterprise technology leaders stay protected.

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Source: Gartner, "Adapt Your Traditional Staffing Practices for Cybersecurity,"  Sam Olyaei, Mark Coleman, Matthew T. Stamper, 10 January 2017.

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