Pluralsight Helps ICS, Inc. Develop Technology Skills and Win New Business

Dec 6, 2018

SILICON SLOPES, Utah — December 6, 2018 — Pluralsight, Inc. (NASDAQ: PS), the enterprise technology learning platform, today announced that Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. (ICS), a full-service information technology and IT security consulting and professional services firm, has selected Pluralsight to develop and strengthen the technology skill sets of its technologists.

Founded in 1997, ICS has established a track record of providing comprehensive strategy with cutting-edge security to the federal government, as well as state and local municipalities and Fortune 1000 enterprises. To empower its decentralized, remote and subcontracted workforce to better serve its customers, ICS needed a more robust way to stay ahead of technology and skill up its employees.

“Key to our business model and meeting cost constraints with government contracts is the ability to bring people in and uplevel them into the skills we need. That makes our learning platform critically important,” said Toby Fincher, Performance Manager and Project Manager. “Pluralsight is how we keep our workforce up to date with evolving technology and the changing needs of our contracts. In fact, our robust learning platform is the reason we won one of our biggest contracts.”

Understanding the skills needed to satisfy its customers, ICS selected a collection of courses to help its employees acquire those tech skills and shared the courses across the organization using custom channels on Pluralsight. Through channels, ICS also prompts employees to take skill assessments before and after a course, giving the tech professionals and their leaders visibility into skill improvement and proficiency. As a result of using Pluralsight, ICS team members are learning new skills and techniques that are creating efficiencies for customers.

“Our network storage administration team recently reviewed storage needs with one customer, helping them save close to $600,000,” says Eric Pierce, Director of Service Delivery. “Pluralsight has been invaluable to ICS, helping us to grow our folks to deliver more value than our customer expected when they hired us.”

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