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PowerShell 7 Fundamentals

  • Number of Courses12 courses
  • Duration25 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

More and more we turn to automation in IT to help improve efficiency for our day to day operations. PowerShell has always been at the forefront of automation tools. The courses in this path start with the absolute basics of PowerShell so that you can learn how to automate away your problems from the ground up. You’ll begin with installation before moving on to exploration of the PowerShell language and using your acquired skills to perform tasks from your day to day operations. Finally, you’ll get a taste of writing actual PowerShell scripts to round out your automation skills and toolset.

After this path, you’ll be able to jump to more advanced tasks and concepts with different tools throughout the IT industry.

Note that this path covers PowerShell 7 and not Windows PowerShell. We have other existing content to cover Windows PowerShell. For this path, Windows is the demonstrated operating system, but PowerShell 7 is supported on Linux as well as macOS.

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