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Angular in 2017: What’s New and
What to Expect

The latest update to Angular (4.0) is the start of more frequent, scheduled updates to the framework. Although this version of Angular won’t see major changes (like last time), you can expect the Angular team to shake things up with updates to the router, forms and the upgrade path.

In this webinar, Code School instructors Sergio Cruz and Alyssa Nicoll explore:

  • How to handle future updates to the framework
  • Where your team should begin working with the newest features
  • Upgrading a legacy AngularJS (1.0) application to the newest versions of Angular
  • How to contribute to the Angular community

Watch now, on-demand, and find out what you and your team can expect from this popular framework today!

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Sergio Cruz

Sergio Cruz is an application developer and instructor at Code School, focusing on all things JavaScript. Recently, he taught Code School’s React course, Powering Up With React. When he is not typing code at Code School, you’ll find him speaking about JavaScript at conferences like ng-conf and OSCON.


Alyssa Nicoll

Alyssa Nicoll is an energetic, über passionate web developer. She is the instructor of Code School’s Angular 1 course, Staying Sharp with Angular.js. She’s also a Google Developer Expert and works closely with the Angular team, speaking at Angular conferences like ng-conf and community events around the world.