Preparing your move to Entity Framework Core 5: What’s new and what’s improved

By Julie Lerman

With the release of .NET 5 comes the launch of Entity Framework Core 5, and hundreds of new features and improvements developers have long been anticipating. It’s a lot to parse through — and might have you and your team feeling overwhelmed about the migration

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Join renowned EF expert and Pluralsight author Julie Lerman to learn about the aspects of EF Core 5 you should be paying attention to, including:

  • Long-awaited EF 6 parity features, including many-to-many and Table per Type support

  • Other new features, such as filtered Includes and beautifully simple logging

  • Migrating from earlier versions of EF Core with minimal heartburn

  • And more!

About the author

Julie Lerman is a software coach with 30 years of experience as a developer. She is a long-time Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP, Microsoft Regional Director and Docker Captain who lives in the hills of Vermont and continues to be known as the world’s top expert in Entity Framework. You can find Julie giving keynotes and hard-core coding sessions on Domain-Driven Design, Azure, Entity Framework and other topics at software conferences around the world. Julie has authored the highly acclaimed “Programming Entity Framework” books from O'Reilly, the MSDN Magazine Data Points column and numerous articles in your favorite programming resources.

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