On-demand webinar: Build your information security assurance with CIAO

John Elliott

With security breaches occurring at frightening rates, it’s only a matter of time before a weakness in your controls is discovered. And you don’t want to be forced to invest even further in controls that failed to protect you the first time. 

It’s possible to trust your control assurance, and security and governance expert John Elliott will show you how.

Join us to learn the principles of CIAO: Continuous, Independent, Automated and Objective assurance. John’s framework model will help you:

  • Deliver value from your existing investment
  • Build a strategy that keeps your security posture in tip-top condition long-term
  • Generate considerable and measurable assurance targets

This live webinar will include an interactive Q&A, so bring your questions for John.

John Elliott

John Elliott is a respected cyber security, payments, risk and privacy specialist. He helps organizations balance risk and regulation with... See more

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