DevOps in the real-world: Tactics and solutions you can use now

Is your enterprise primed for success with the right tools and strategies? Today’s leaders face big challenges as they aim to make smart technology decisions—and move fast while doing it. Enter DevOps.

Join Pluralsight for a live interview with Chief Technology Officer Jody Bailey and Vice President of Solutions Architects Mike Soldan to discuss real-world solutions for scaling DevOps in your organization. You’ll learn:

  • Why your org needs to make a shift now regardless of size
  • Practical ways to get started before it’s too late  
  • Solid steps to build your technology and talent strategy

Meet our presenters

Jody Bailey

Jody Bailey

Jody Bailey is the CTO of Pluralsight and believes the best part of his job is creating a culture of continuous improvement. He leads the development, data science and system operations teams, as well as the IT/help desk. Jody loves contributing to Pluralsight’s mission of democratizing professional technology learning, while growing talented teams. When he’s not at Pluralsight, you’ll find him training for ultra-endurance mountain bike races, cooking, snowboarding and spending time with his family. 

Jody Bailey

Mike Soldan

Mike Soldan is currently head of Pluralsight's Professional Services and Global Solutions Architect teams. Mike has a deep passion around education and technology training. He carries an alphabet soup of certifications & formal education including: CISSP, PMP, CAPM, SSGB, and degrees in Information Systems. Utilizing extensive backgrounds in a wide variety of technology stacks, Mike and his team specialize in helping Fortune 500 companies align their objectives to Pluralsight's capabilities and utilize them to deepen their cultures & ecosystems. 

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