Demystify cross-platform training for game developers

In this on-demand webinar, Pluralsight’s game curriculum manager, Joshua Kinney, and game development expert Jean Simonet (Skyrim, Oblivion and Fallout) discuss the critical skills developers need to make it as a game development team and how to do it with limited resources. 

In this panel discussion, the trio took questions from attendees and discussed the challenges of how to:

  • Attract and keep the best talent
  • Cross-skill a team of developers 
  • Stay competitive with limited resources and budget


About the authors

Thomas Winkley

Thomas is the Game Development Acquisition Editor for Pluralsight. Before joining Pluralsight Thomas spent his time producing and editing various Podcasts related to the gaming industry. Thomas has always worked with various forms of digital media and has been responsible for hiring across multiple fields in different job roles. When he isn’t at work you can find him recording audio, tinkering in Unity, or playing an obnoxious amount of fighting games.

Jean Simonet

Jean has worked professionally in games for 13 years, originally in large studios, and now as an independent developer.

Passionate about systems and simulation, Jean hopes to make games that take advantage of those. He’s a programmer by trade, and is working to become a designer as well, already finding success making an interesting and original puzzle game.

He has lived on three continents, so far, having been born in France, growing up in Gabon, and living in the States for the last 15 years.

Joshua Kinney 

Joshua is a devoted games author at Pluralsight. For years Joshua has been a key author behind Digital-Tutors' (now a Pluralsight company) popular game engine training. As a kid, he had a passion for playing video games, which eventually developed into a fascination with the process of game creation. The question of "How'd they do that?" led Joshua on a quest to learn to make these games himself. Ever since then, Joshua has devoted his life to creating games, as well as teaching others to build their own fantastic video games. He gets a huge sense of pride in knowing that he can make a difference in helping people create incredible games. From platformers to puzzlers, Joshua will gladly guide any artist who wants to start using a game engine and learn to put some power behind their polygons. At Pluralsight, he has been honored to develop the core curriculum for CryENGINE, Unity, UDK, and Unreal Engine 4.

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