On-demand webinar: Creating a cloud-native transformation at scale

Smart companies are adopting cloud-native practices to move fast and stay resilient. But, what does an innovative cloud-native strategy look like at scale? And, can your organization successfully roll out these new practices to dozen (even thousands) of IT professionals? 

Join Pluralsight expert Richard Seroter in this on-demand webinar with Pivotal to learn about:

  • Building powerful customer experiences powered by thoughtful software
  • What it takes to create a lasting, software-driven transformation
  • Empower your organization to get an edge with impactful learning initiatives 

Discover how to ship quicker, reduce risk and overcome the challenges of a major re-platforming hurdle by bringing your questions for the expert.  

About the author

Richard Seroter

Richard Seroter is a Senior Director of Product for Pivotal, a 10-time Microsoft MVP for cloud/integration, an instructor for developer-centric training company Pluralsight, the lead InfoQ.com editor for cloud computing, and author of multiple books on application integration strategies. As a Senior Director of Product at Pivotal, Richard works with customers and partners to realize the full value of the Pivotal platform and transform the way they build software. Richard maintains a regularly updated blog on topics of architecture and solution design, and can be found on Twitter.

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