The state of tech training & what it means for your team

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When it comes to predicting what’s next in tech, there’s pretty much only one thing we can guarantee for certain—things change, fast.

And if things are changing that fast, is your team’s training changing at the same speed? Chances are probably not as fast or as efficient as it could. To get a better understanding of the current state of technology training, we asked 300 enterprises about their biggest training challenges to date. We covered how much businesses spend on professional development, the most popular training solutions and what part training plays in the recruiting and retention process. You might want to read this soon—you know, before things change again. 

How much organizations spend on training now

Most companies are making a hefty invest in their tech staff—the average annual cost a company spends on each tech employee training’s comes in at a sizeable $2,400 per year.

Now, that may not sound like a lot, but when you times that number by the amount of employees that are eager to adopt the latest tech trends, you’ve got a costly price tag on your hands. But, justifiably so—you’ve got to keep your team up-to-date to stay competitive. Additionally, here’s what organizations are paying out to each employee (on average) to keep their skills sharp. 

Which kind of training businesses are using

If you’re like most organizations, you’re using a mix of training options. You’ve given your team everything from classroom-based learning and conferences to books and tuition reimbursement.

However, the problem is, this isn’t always the training your staff wants. Or, more importantly, the training they actually need. Did you know the vast majority of your team wants tech-specific training? And guess what else? They want it fast.

Tech teams spend a lot of time troubleshooting, so it only makes sense that they prefer training options that deliver immediate answers. While classrooms, conferences, books and peers might help enhance their skills, these sources don’t always help solve problems in a fast, efficient way. On-demand learning does. 

There’s a reason 88% of tech pros prefer online learning by a long shot. On-demand learning can help overcome some of the most common training challenges such as high cost, out of office time and inaccessibility. Furthermore, on-demand training solutions often provide managers with tools to track employee progress and actually measure results/ROI.

While not every organization or team will opt for the same training, something every manager can get behind is how crucial ongoing learning is to a team’s skill development and overall company success. But the truth is only 30% of organizations are satisfied with their current training solutions. Are you? It might be time to evaluate the state of your own technology training.

See our full report on the state of technology training to get more in-depth, understand what part training plays in the recruiting and retention process and learn how to make training a competitive advantage for your team.

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