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Agile Transformation for Leaders and Managers

  • Number of Courses14 courses
  • Duration28 hours

Organizations of all kinds and sizes are turning to project initiatives to generate new value, and agile methods to empower those project teams to succeed. In this path, you’ll learn the principles of agile project management, and gain the tools and skills necessary to lead your team and organization through agile transformation.

First, you’ll learn the principles of the agile mindset, and how greater agility can increase the value organizations generate through project initiatives. Then, you’ll learn how to adapt these principles to your unique environment and craft a plan for implementing agile practices for your project team and across the organization. After that, you’ll learn how to apply the skills necessary for project leaders to thrive in any initiative, including how to communicate effectively, coordinate with business analysts, manage planning and progress, and address risk, quality, and procurement considerations. Finally, you’ll learn how to assess your team’s performance and transformation efforts, and how to coordinate with team members remotely in meeting your goals.

By the end of this path, you’ll have a firm appreciation of the benefits an agile approach offers, be ready to share that knowledge with others in your organization, and have a solid foundation in the project leadership skills that will empower you to lead your team to success.

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