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Ruby on Rails gives developers the framework to create full-featured, object-oriented web applications. With Pluralsight’s Ruby on Rails courses, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Ruby, from installing and updating Ruby gems to utilizing the Rails Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. Our expert authors bring years of real-world experience to their training courses, covering how to develop and deploy sites with Ruby on Rails.

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Using an example web application, this course demonstrates how to use Rails' latest features. The application is a simplified Q&A site for the history of the universe. Users can post questions about the universe and other users will be able to reply. We will talk about controllers, views,...
This course introduces Rails 3, the result of two years of low-level improvements, API refinements, and performance optimizations. If you are just learning Rails or if you have limited knowledge and want to learn more, this is the video for you! After going through the basics, in the second...
Build a server or virtual server for Ruby on Rails Development. In this course, we will use Fedora, Ubuntu, or CentOS Linux to set up a server. Virtual Box will be used to create virtual servers. We will install and configure SSHD, vsftpd, Apache, MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. We will install...
This course is for .NET developers who want to try out Ruby on Rails without investing a significant amount of time into learning both Ruby and the Rails framework. In this course, we walk through what Ruby and Rails are, how they compare to .NET languages like C# and VB. After a brief...
This course will cover all of the basics of working with the Ruby on Rails 3 and 4 frameworks. We’ll start off by providing a quick overview of Rails and immediately get to work building your first application from the ground up. The Philosophy and Architecture of Rails, as well as a more in...
Learn how to test-drive your Rails application from scratch. This course covers everything you need to start your TDD journey: you'll learn the main principles behind test-driven development, and you'll see how to write acceptance, controller, and model specs. You'll also learn how to use...
Speed up your Ruby on Rails 4.1 applications. With the help of some gems, all techniques in this course can also be used in Rails 3.2 apps. This course teaches pragmatic, Rails-specific techniques to profile performance, find and fix slow database queries, get alerted automatically whenever you...
Ruby is a dynamic, thoroughly object oriented programming language with a focus on developer happiness and productivity. This course is designed to give you everything you need to start developing software in Ruby quickly. You will learn about all of the key features of the language: classes,...
A demonstration for building a basic Twitter Clone with React and Flux from Facebook on the frontend, and with Rails as the backend JSON API server. Covering The Flux pattern for Actions, Dispatcher, Stores, and React.js components for Views, and writing all JavaScript with ECMAScript2015 (ES6)...
Yehuda Katz is a committer to several top open source projects, including Ruby on Rails and jQuery. He's also driving development of Ember.js, a framework for creating "ambitious web applications." This course begins as Yehuda builds the backend for a scoring system using Rails 3. In about 80...