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React 18

  • Number of Courses13 courses
  • Duration31 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

*Some courses on this path are still in development.

Facebook built React in 2011 to support the growing number of features supported on their news feed. In 2012, the React library was decoupled from the Facebook site to support Facebook's purchase of Instagram. In 2013, React was open sourced and made available to be used by everyone and has become the leading JavaScript library in the world designed to help web developers create highly performant interactive user interfaces.

This path will take you from having a basic knowledge of modern JavaScript and HTML, to being a productive developer building web apps that provide a wide range of functionality to browser users. You will develop the skills necessary to make those apps run efficiently in the browser, be easy to maintain, as well as being secure and completely testable such that maintenance is easy, and with minimal costs.

You will start this path by first learning what React is, then how it’s different then the other available JavaScript frameworks. Following that, you will learn the fundamentals of React, giving you a solid foundation for building web apps.

Next, you’ll learn to secure your React code following the Open-Source Standard OWASP. Then, you’ll move on to learning more details around specific React features. Those include learning several patterns associated with sharing data between React components, advanced patterns for using React state and hooks, and the new Concurrent Rendering feature Suspense. You’ll learn more details for styling React apps with CSS, as well as how to create new React apps using the two most common toolchains NextJS and Create React App.

Finally, you'll learn more advanced topics including managing React state with Redux, techniques for improving performance as well as advanced debugging.

After completing the courses in this path, you’ll have the knowledge and skills necessary to build high performance, easy to maintain web apps.

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