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Introduction to Aruba Networking: Network Security

by Aruba Education Services

The Aruba Network Security Essentials course teaches participants foundational network security knowledge to build an understanding of enterprise-level network security technologies. This is a great starting point for individuals interested in a career as a network security professional.

What you'll learn

In Aruba Network Security Essentials, you will explore what threats pose a risk to a basic computer network and what security technologies are available to harden your devices against these attacks. How do messages get encrypted? What exactly is Malware? What technologies can we deploy that will allow networks to defend themselves? Our lives and business rely on having trusted secure access to our networks, but what does it take to ensure that security? The Aruba Network Security Essentials course is a starting point for individuals interested in a career as a security professional, and for anyone to who wants to get familiar with Aruba's security technologies. To get deeper technical knowledge with Aruba network security, see the Aruba Certified Network Security Associate (ACNSA) certification & training. Typical candidates for this course are individuals who are new to networking and want to learn the basics of network security. There are no prerequisites, this course is foundational. We recommend completing the Networking Essentials and Mobility Essentials courses prior to taking this course.

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