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RatingsSince Pluralsight's inception, we have always felt that the quality of our content is the key to our success. We put a lot of effort into finding quality authors who are experts in their field and into reviewing the submitted courses for both video and technical quality. But the best measure of the quality of our content is how you feel about each course you watch. We want your feedback so that we can make sure the courses we are providing meet your high standards.

To this end, we have just released the ability for you to rate the courses you watch. We will use this feedback to refine our course library and ensure it remains the highest quality hardcore developer training available.

To rate a course, find that course in our course library (we admit, with our rapidly growing library that's getting more difficult and we'll be working on that too!) and go to the table of contents page for that course (shown below). If that course has received enough ratings by other Pluralsight viewers, you will see the average rating for that course at the top of the page. You can then give the course your own rating by simply clicking on the number of stars for the rating you would like to give the course. That's it! Once you have rated a course you will always see your course rating on the course page, but you can always see the average rating on the course library page (also shown below). Feel free to rate any courses you've watched, we would love to get your feedback!


We have also updated our video player to allow you to rate the course as you watch it. At the end of each module (courses have multiple modules, modules have multiple clips), you'll be notified that you've reached the end of a module and at that point you will be presented with the option to rate the course. And don't worry about rating the course too early (before you've watched the entire course) since at the end of each module, you can update your rating for the course and we'll use your latest rating when we calculate the course average. We've also added the ability on this screen for you to share the course via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn, so feel free to promote your favorite courses. Here is what that screen looks like:


Finally, you can see the average ratings for all courses on the course library page (shown below). It may take a few days before we receive enough course ratings for you see them appear, but when they do, you can also use these ratings to determine which courses you would like to watch.


We hope you find these ratings helpful, we know we will. And thanks for your feedback!

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Jim Cooper