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Mar 2, 2016

Study Shows Pluralsight Increases Employee Productivity and Retention

Survey of Pluralsight Subscribers Finds Dev, IT and Creative Professionals Advance in     Skills and Career Development by Using Pluralsight

SALT LAKE CITY – Pluralsight, the global leader in online learning for technology professionals, today announced the results of its “Pluralsight Business Impact” study, which revealed that Pluralsight increased productivity and employee retention among enterprise clients. The study also unveiled that Pluralsight increased its users’ quality of work and opportunity for career development and advancement.

Conducted by CEB, a best practice insight and technology company, the Pluralsight Business Impact study surveyed nearly 2,000 Pluralsight subscribers. Respondents consisted of both business and individual users, with the majority holding careers within the fields of software engineering, IT and design. The results showed a significant return on investment for Pluralsight customers.

Key findings include:

  • 67 percent of business account respondents significantly increased productivity
  • 40 percent of business account respondents significantly increased employee retention, and 85 percent of respondents indicated that they were more likely to stay at their companies long-term due to its investment in their training
  • 83 of respondents significantly increased the quality of their work
  • 89 percent of respondents developed skills needed for their job and given more confidence to learn new technologies
  • 62 percent of respondents advanced their careers faster and

              a quarter of respondents obtained a promotion

“Pluralsight has really fueled my professional development and has been a constant asset I’ve relied on throughout my career advancement,” said Richard Hopkins, Senior DevOps at Equator, an infrastructure software-as-a-service (iSaaS) company. “It always has courses that cater to some new piece of knowledge I need, and I’ve been able to keep my skillset up-to-date even as industry best practices change on what seems like a daily basis.”

With more than 4,700 courses authored by a network of more than 900 industry experts, Pluralsight offers a robust way for tech professionals to build relevant skills through online learning, and work their way toward some of the highest paying, most in-demand technology positions in the country.

“Given the rapid growth of the tech industry, Pluralsight has an opportunity and responsibility to help fill the skills gap by providing tech professionals the learning tools they need to upskill in their current positions or advance within their organizations,” said Aaron Skonnard, CEO and co-founder of Pluralsight. “Pluralsight enables enterprises and individuals to take charge professional development, regardless of location, industry or experience level.”

To learn more about the impact Pluralsight has on both individual and enterprise users, read the Pluralsight Business Impact whitepaper at,

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